Ecommerce has evolved into one of the biggest and most coveted industries ever known. The art of procuring things – that comes from an unknown source that was never accounted for – is now over and it has changed into the art of buying from home, using your very own smartphone to purchase goods worth millions.

And I believe in a saying ..

“If you’ve made sure your product is super-valuable to the customers, when customers get the message from you that their card is going to expire, has expired, or their payment otherwise failed to go through, they’ll drop everything and update their card so they don’t miss a beat with your product.” – lincoln Murphy ( a known customer success consultant and keynote speaker)

Vincent Torre Bongolan
Founding Chairman and COO


Thanks to the power of Technology because Etech International was born to cover the demands in the online space by having seamless, fastest, and cost-effective delivery of products and services. Etech International is the first and only digital store and a total one stop online shop/ecommerce in the Philippines. Etech International envisioned to deliver products and services at the most cost-effective without sacrificing the quality, reliability and value of every products and services that they offer. Being the first and only digital online shop in the Philippines, we have made and doing our best effort to bring you top-notched quality products and services. Our Mission is to bring products and services near you or near the customers in the sense that we can deliver the purchased products immediately by partnering to the biggest and reliable delivery couriers and logistics with a long year of experience in transporting the products and items being purchased on the website. We make sure that our products and services are based on scientific or based in research.

The Global Pandemic Outbreak is reshaping the business models because the mobility restrictions imposed around the world gives rise to the online space and collaborations. More and more people are start embracing the online transactions and collaborations. They were looking for products and services that can be purchased online and can deliver immediately without sacrificing the quality, reliability, and value of the products that they purchased. They wanted to have it immediately. To address these global concerns of the consumers, we dive into it by partnering with the global delivery and logistic partners; as well as putting all our products and services not only on our website but also with the biggest and well-established ecommerce and Dropshipping business and website around the world like Shopee, Lazada, Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, Rakuten and many others. With the global reach and coverage of these Dropshipping and eCommerce websites, we are surely able to bring products and services to our customers and consumers immediately, making the delivery real-time as possible. There are logistics partners which offer real-time delivery and COD (Cash on Delivery) and even CAP (Cash on Pick-Up) which makes it more hassle-free and convenient for everybody.

To capture all economic status of the consumers, we also partnering with different payment gateways and payment channels where buyers can pay the purchased products and services through online banking payment or transfer, and they can even send money to pay with just the use of their fingertips or just by using their mobile phone, tablets, laptop, or pc (personal computer). In this case, the process of paying the purchased products and services is much easier, seamless, convenient, and more hassle-free on consumer’s side. These are some of the things that buying public or buying consumers are looking for in ecommerce or online store. They can just pay immediately with just the tip of their finger and with the use of their device and gadgets. They can be able to purchase items, products and services while doing another task.

Another concern of the consumers is the real-time and outstanding customer service. Because of the absence of physical products or they cannot be able to see the actual products or items, consumers have a lot of doubts and lots of questions about the products and about the availability of the products. They wanted to make sure that the products and items they saw on the internet or ecommerce websites are legit and available. To earn their trust, they are looking for an ecommerce with a human customer support representative to easily and immediately answers their questions.

Etech International Online Shop has technology-driven functionalities which can immediately address and answers a customer in doubt. These customer support representatives and personnel are equipped with skills and competencies and have a wide range of knowledge about the company and about the products we are selling. Thus, Etech International Online shop are true to its envisioned Mission and Vision to be the first and only digital online store in the Philippines which can offer seamless, fastest, cost-effective delivery of products and services with a high level of quality, reliability, and value. Truly, Etech International Online Shop encapsulate the consumer-centric needs during and after the Global Pandemic Outbreak.


We are also envisioned to provide products and services to make life easier, make buying online more practical and convenience as we adhere to deliver the products and services in a more seamless, faster delivery and truly become a total one-stop online shop. We are also partnering with other businesses for us to offer wide variety of products and services. We are also optimizing the packaging of our products for us to offer affordable offerings at the most cost-effective shipping and delivery. We are a proud partner of different logistic and delivery services in the Philippines and are currently exploring international market.

Our online presence has a wide variety of product categories and catalogs to help the buying consumers to easily search and look at the posted at our platform. We specifically grouped the products into main catalogs for easiness and convenience such as the following:

  1. Clothing and Apparel
  2. Food Products
  3. Health, Wellness and Beauty
  4. Gadgets and Electronics
  5. Home and Office Supplies
  6. Services



We are also extending our initiative to help young entrepreneurs and those who have small capitals to put up their own business by putting affiliate services to our website. In the affiliate section, interested entrepreneur may sign-up to our website as an affiliate. Once we confirm their intention and purpose, they will receive an affiliate link that they can share to their social media accounts. They can get as much as 10% commission from the sales generated from the links that they have shared. In this way, there is no need for the aspiring entrepreneur to buy physical products for on-hand items. All they need to do is to share our website and we will reward them for the sales that they can generate from sharing.

We will also provide the highest level of customer service to answer all inquiries from buyers and affiliates.


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Main Office:
Manhattan Plaza Condominium, Cubao Quezon City

Satellite Offices:
1. Aliw-iw St., Morningside Terrace Subdivision, Sta.Mesa, Manila
2. 102 - Molave Building, Molave St., Brgy. Duyan-Duyan, Project 3, Quezon City